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Estate Planning

           The main goal of estate planning is to efficiently pass wealth from one generation to another with the least amount of family stress and tax impact. Each family situation is unique and therefore each estate plan, will or trust must be approached individually and must be tailored to achieve the client’s personal, tax and business objectives. At Magasinn & Feldman we carefully listen to our clients’ goals and desires and never lose sight of the emotional issues involved. We then draw upon our considerable knowledge and expertise and that of our client’s other financial, accounting and insurance advisors to develop a comprehensive plan to achieve each client’s myriad of personal, tax and business objectives. Since we are at the forefront of the legal profession, we are able to employ the newest and most sophisticated estate planning techniques to implement our clients’ objectives including Private Family Foundations, Family (Limited) Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, and Qualified Personal Residence Trusts, among other planning techniques. In addition, since we are also business and tax lawyers we are able to develop a plan for the transition of a family business to the next generation.

            Many of our clients in this area have been referred to us by their advisors, accountants, insurance agents and bankers. By including our firm as part of this advisory team, our clients feel confident that every aspect of their estate plan has been scrutinized.